S00E04. SCP-6001: Avalon

Before the Future Came podcast art with a painting of a space station interior in the background that evokes a starburst
Before the Future Came
S00E04. SCP-6001: Avalon

Content Warnings: death and grief, horror themes, excessive but mild obscene language.

Our last episode of the Strike Era has us reading “SCP-6001: Avalon” by T Rutherford! We talk about queer phenomenology, pacifism, the incarceration mindset, grief, and epistolary works. We also talk about unifying works of fan fiction, the joy of cats, and explicit vision statements.

A glossary to the story for those unfamiliar with the SCP Wiki: https://beforethefuture.space/scp-6001-avalon-glossary/

A calico cat wearing a purple jacket and glasses threatens a human man with a claw. They sit at a bar in front of empty shotglasses. The other patrons are out-of-focus and monstrous.
SCP-6001 – Avalon” by Uncle-Nemes1s.
A book cover of Isaac Asimov's Chrono-minets, depicting two unsettling, sinuous cats; the more prominent one has clocks in its eyes.
Benjamin Carré’s cover for the 2002 edition of Isaac Asimov’s Chrono-minets, the French translation of an anthology containing “Time Pussy.”
A surreal sculpture with infantile proportions and weathered, colorful paint propped against a wall in a room with dirty windows and floor.
Izumi Kato’s “Untitled” from 2004, photographed by Keisuke Yamamoto. The original illustration used for SCP-173, since removed.

For images discussed in this episode, visit the episode page on our website.

The SAG-AFTRA strike was a success! With our next episode, we’ll be covering the film Star Trek: First Contact, available on Paramount+ or wherever you find films in your future utopia that has eliminated money. That episode was recorded before “Binti.”

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