00. Before “Before the Future Came” Transcript

Episode and show notes

Josh Woodward (singing) 0:00
Let’s pretend it’s the end, of this whole ugly story
We vanquished the foe and we triumphed in glory
There’s nothing but rainbows and blue skies ahead
Hallelujah, amen, it’s the end

We threw off the yoke, and we broke all the shackles
We tore down the walls, and we burned down the castle
The oppressors all scattered, and naked, they fled
Hallelujah, amen, it’s the end

Gregory Avery-Weir 0:43
Coming soon: Before the Future Came, a Star Trek podcast. Our continuing mission: to explore the Star Trek canon out of order; to seek out setting connections and thematic threads; to boldly go on an ideological journey.

Melissa Avery-Weir 0:59
Each episode explores one work in the Star Trek canon and at the end, we discover what we’ll be looking at next. We pick some connection from the current episode—a culture, a narrative theme, an episode trope—and pick something to discuss next that shares that element.

Lucy Arnold 1:15
We love Star Trek, and we know it’s far from perfect. We’re enthralled with its audacious vision of a society without poverty or prejudice, and painfully aware of how it falls short of portraying that goal. We think that science fiction is at its best when it is both a joy to experience in a political challenge to those of us in the contemporary world.

Gregory Avery-Weir 1:36
Like Spock, we are abolitionist: it’s wrong to glorify organized violence, yet imprison those who employ it privately. Like Picard, we’re anticapitalist: we believe in working to better ourselves and humanity instead of to acquire wealth. Like Rom, we’re socialist: we believe in workers taking control of their lives, dignity, and profits. And like Burnham, we think queer: we believe that sometimes down is up and logic is not binary. I’m Gregory Avery-Weir. I’m a writer and a game developer.

Melissa Avery-Weir 2:08
I’m Melissa Avery-Weir, and I’m a web and a game developer.

Lucy Arnold 2:12
And I’m Lucy Arnold, an educator, writer, and prison abolitionist.

Gregory Avery-Weir 2:17
I’m so nervous, y’all.

Melissa Avery-Weir 2:20
Oh my god.

Gregory Avery-Weir 2:20
I’ve been looking forward to this so much.

Melissa Avery-Weir 2:23
I think it’s gonna be fun!

Gregory Avery-Weir 2:25
Coming soon: episode one, where we’ll discuss the film Star Trek First Contact. You don’t have to watch it to enjoy the episode, but you can stream it on Paramount+, and rent, buy, or steal it at your preferred place for films. We’ll talk to you then.

Lucy Arnold 2:42
Somebody sing the outro music.

Josh Woodward (singing) 2:44
I’m sure we’ll all live happily ever after
Surrounded by butterflies, children and laughter
It’s a fairytale story, so let’s just pretend
Hallelujah, amen, it’s the end
Happily ever after, the end

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